Piss On My Tiny Hands

by Billy and the Women

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UPDATE: Since this song was released, Donald Trump and his supporters have graduated from 'incompetent bigots that hopefully won't do too much damage' to 'genuinely dangerous white supremacist fascists'. I believe that parody and ridicule are still valid weapons against this nazi scum, so the song stays online. However, I can't profit from these motherfuckers any more.

Bandcamp announced this week that their cut of all sales on Friday, 3rd February would be donated to the ACLU. I'll be doing the same for this song, indefinitely.

I might not be American, but this affects us all. Initially indirectly, and then it will gradually find its way into your life. The lurch to the far-right is a global problem. It started to hit the UK when Scottish Independence became a viable solution to an increasingly right-wing Westminster. Then came 'Brexit'. Now our unelected Prime Sinister walks hand in hand with Trump (literally!), echoing the British government's friendly agreement with Hitler in 1938.

If you are not actively opposing Trump, then you're doing exactly what he wants you to do, and therefore supporting him. Resist, and do so publicly, or you're part of the problem.


Mexico to Iran
He's got some fuckin' plans
He doesn't understand
He thinks in Comic Sans

He's gonna build a wall
Then he'll deny it all
The shit that never happened
The pussy he's been grabbin'

Obama, where you going?
My tiny hands are growing
Hey liberals, I'm not joking
My tiny hands are soaking

He's KKK approved!
His tiny hands are tremblin'
He's working closely with the Kremlin


released January 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Billy and the Women Glasgow

If you're looking for noisy Glasgow-based pop by Billy and the Women, that's quite an incredible coincidence, as that's all we do here.


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